General Questions

I am visiting Jammu and Kashmir for the first time how should I prepare myself ?

If you are visiting Jammu and Kashmir for the first time, then you can visit the page "Jammu and Kashmir" on our website. If you are interested in only visiting Jammu, then you can visit the Jammu page on our website or if you are only interested in visiting Kashmir, then you can visit the Kashmir page on our website. You may also put up your questions to us regarding any matter if you do not find the answers on our website. Apart from that we suggest you to do some background reading before visiting Kashmir, so that your visit becomes a great experience. During your tour we will also provide you a tourist Guide at the different cities in the language of your choice who will let you know anything you want to know about Kashmir

How to experience Jammu and Kashmir at it's best ?

While planning your trip we suggest you to consider the festivals which would be taking place in Jammu and Kashmir during your trip. Upon receiving the information from you we will combine your trip with the Festivals in Kashmir which will make your trip a great experience. Our guides will also tell you about the cultural activities that would be taking place during the festivals. For any further information on Festivals please visit our Jammu and Kashmir Festivals page from Govt website. On this page you will find the various festivals taking place in Kashmir. .

Travel Documentation

Are the Visa and passports required before visiting Jammu and Kashmir ?

All foreign nationals, including children, require a visa and passport before visiting Jammu and Kashmir. For visiting Jammu and Kashmir, please consult the concerned embassies in your area. For clarifications, please contact the Indian High Commission.

How will I be picked up from the Airport or Railway Station in Jammu and Kashmir ?

You will be picked up from the airport or railway station in Kashmir whereever you arrive by our representative. Our representative will be holding a name board with your name written on it at the arrival hall of the airport or railway station. If you are coming as a group then the name of the group will be mentioned on the name board. On that name board the arrival date, time, place and flight or train number will also be mentioned. You are requested not to leave the airport or railway station until you meet our representative. If by chance you were not able to find each other then you would also be provided the mobile and telephone number of the representative so that you can find each other at the particular location at the airport.


Which currency is used in Jammu and Kashmir ?

The units of Indian currency are the Rupee and Paisa (100 Paisa equal 1 Rupee). Paper money is in denominations of Rupees 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. Coins are in denominations of Rupees 1, 2 and 5. There are no restrictions on the amount of foreign currency or travelers’ checks that can be brought by the tourists in Kashmir. However a Declaration form need to be filled (only for the amount which is more than USD 10,000) on the arrival at the Indian airport. By filling up this form you can also get your money exchanged back in the original currency without any problem. The Money should be exchanged only through authorized money changers. You may ask our guides and they will tell you the right center or place to get the money exchanged. Please note that no Indian currency can be imported or exported, except for travelers checks. Travelers checks can be changed into rupees at any bank in India. Be aware that it can take several hours to cash travelers checks in small towns. Try to deal with large banks in large cities. Don’t accept large denomination notes, because they will be difficult to change, and don’t accept damaged or torn notes, because merchants will refuse them, especially in small towns. Keep a supply of small change. Very often taxi drivers and vendors will say that they don’t have change.

Can I pay in Euro, US Dollars or through credit cards in Jammu and Kashmir ?

All the major currencies including Euro, US Dollars and Pounds are accepted in Kashmir. All the major credit cards like Visa, Master Card and American Express are also accepted in the main hotels, restaurants and shopping centres in Jammu and Kashmir.


How do I get medication in Jammu and Kashmir in case of necessity ?

It is advised that you bring your own medicines. Most of the medications in Jammu and Kashmir are available but you may not find it under the same brand name as in your own country. If necessarily of consulting a doctor be assure that we will assist you in this matter. Private hospitals with high standard and qualified doctors are available in Kashmir in India.


Do people understand English and other foreign languages in Jammu and Kashmir ?

English is widely spoken and understood at almost all tourist centers. But we highly recommend you to take qualified and government recognized guides during your sightseeing in Jammu and Kashmir. We are associated with Guides in Jammu and Kashmir who also speak German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian or Russian. Tour guides will help you not only in your sightseeing, but also help you understand Jammu and Kashmir better and give you useful tips for your journey to Jammu and Kashmir !

How can I come in contact with local people during our travel in Jammu and Kashmir ?

Indians are hospitable and friendly people, Do not consider staring at you as unfriendly. Most of the Indians have not been abroad and therefore foreign tourists are for them a subject of curiosity. Most of the people to whom you will talk will be friendly. Always speak to the people you feel like talking too. Avoid people who are too eager to help you or want you to buy something from them. If you want to enrich your visit to Jammu and Kashmir by visiting the Kashmiri Family or want to stay with the family, you can ask our team. We will be happy to make these arrangements for you.